Even in perceived numbness, there are easy and Actionable Steps
to Access any unfinished business of grief.



So Much More than Bereavement

Bereavement is just one specific form of grief – the emotions of loss are not exclusive to death. There are over 40 common experiences that cause grief, like divorce, job changes, health changes, even loss of trust. In reality, grief can be caused by anything big or small. If something, someone, or an event was important to you and a change in that relationship has negatively affected you, you’re dealing with unresolved loss.

Signs of Unresolved Grief Include:

  • – preoccupation with memories
  • – tired, emotionally drained
  • – eating, sleeping pattern change
  • – pretending to be happy
  • – fond memories turn painful
  • – isolation, antisocial behavior


The Grief Recovery Method

Brokenhearted, simply coping or just getting by, you know you need help; the good news is I can guide you each step of the way. The Grief Recovery Method is designed to provide you with a series of small, sequenced steps that will lead you to completion of any unresolved grief. In a safe environment using specific tools, you can let go and ultimately lead a happier life. I offer in-person sessions in Prescott, AZ and remotely over Skype and Zoom.



How Does Grief Recovery Method and Grief Coaching Differ from Therapy?

You won’t be asked to do anything that I haven’t done myself. After the tragic death of my young family, the idea of being whole again was once laughable. I can assure you, transformation is possible. Grief is a natural reaction to loss, not a pathological condition or disorder. The work to be done isn’t anything that needs to be “fixed” – it’s moving through all the things you wish had ended differently and letting go of dreams and expectations of the future.

In 7 sessions you will:

  • * Identify the losses and uncover what isn’t complete.
  • * Discover your unique beliefs about grief and learn of common myths.
  • * Be provided a safe environment for grief to present itself and be dealt with judgment-free.
  • * Be guided through concrete steps and learn specific tools to recover from loss.

Isn’t It Time to Stop the Emotional Bleeding and Heal Your Broken Heart?