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Maureen Herrera
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A wise person said, “It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.” Following my passion is what lead me to the development of SoulWorks – where, as a guide, I am blessed to be able to help my tribe of ‘Soul Workers” become their most vibrant selves.

You might be wondering how three of my passions: dietary health, grief recovery and massage therapy come together.The answer is quite simple – Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

Yes, you are what you eat; however, really, you are what you digest through your gut as well as your mind. In the modern world, it is well understood that dietary and lifestyle choices are the precursors to ill health and well-being. Beyond simple biology, a rapidly growing portion of the scientific community embraces the notion that harboring repressed, negative emotions
matters as well.

As a certified Grief and Holistic Health Coach and Grief Bodywork and Massage Therapist, I serve as a guide towards finding one’s personal reservoir of healing, regenerative ability, and power. Whether the goal is to heal a digestive disorder, depleted energy stores, foggy thinking, or to find peace through bereavement, trauma, or emotions rooted in grief such as forgiveness, fear, anger or control. Your wholeness matters. You matter!